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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11, the growing search for a wanted man. >> and he replied, then this is going to be the night you die. >> the community response to a violent attack on a local woman. >> hope and sadness. the parents of morgan harrington react to new clues in their
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daughter's murder. and seven months after relisha rudd's disappearance, there are new calls to close the shelter where she lived. >> news 4 at 11 starts now. police are looking for a man they say is extremely dangerous. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler, that's the description of a man involved in a robbery in silver spring. more than a week ago on piney branch road, a woman was the victim of a violent attack. jackie bensen is there tonight to tell us what police are doing to try to catch him. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, the victim was stabbed nearly to death, and the words the robber spoke to her are bone-chilling. >> police say the victim was walking home to the forest park apartments on piney branch road before 8:00 p.m. september 29 lth, when she was confronted by a man wearing a black and white band ana over the lower part of
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his face. >> she was approached by a suspect who demanded money from her. she replied he had none, and he replied, this is going to be the night you die. >> a sense of urgency this afternoon as they handed out flyers describing the suspect as a young man, 17 to 19 years old, medium height, thin with black hair. a passing citizen saw the attack and called police. despite efforts, detectives have been unable to locate the suspect and they need the public's help to find them. >> there's a stabbing and a robbery that occurred and we're still looking for the suspect. >> many residents get their informati information in another language. >> a surprising number of residents were unaware the crime had happened. >> miguel says he keeps a sharp out when he returns home from
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work at night. >> i'm always watching my surroundings when i'm coming home. >> thanks to the emergency care she received at the scene and the hospital, the victim survived and she's at home recovering. >> jackie bensen reporting. now at 11 tonight, a big change comes to the investigation into a missing uva student. police in charlottesville, virginia, will no longer offer daily briefings in the search for hannah graham. they say they'll give updates once a week until she is found. no one has seen the fairfax county teenager in almost a month. police arrested a man named jesse matthew for her disappearance last month. they believe he is connected to two other cases. tonight virginia state police are disputing reports that any of their investigators interviewed jesse matthew in 2009, about the morn harrington case. harrington disappeared in charlottesville that october and was later found dead.
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investigators have said they have forensic evidence linking matthew to harrington. today our affiliate reported that matthew was working as a cab driver the night harrington disappeared. nbc 29 also reports that police interviewed matthew along with dozens of other cab drivers because they believed harrington got into a cab that night. dan harrington, morgan's father released a statement saying, this is what we hoped for, that more pieces of the puzzle would come together. it's exciting, encouraging to hear, but it's still sad for us. it will hopefully open up more doors for us. jesse matthew is charged with abduction in the hannah graham case. police say ten students were approached by two men in a wooded area off taylor street northeast. the students say one of the suspect had a gun. they demanded iphones, backpacks, credit cards.
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none of the students was injured. anyone with information is asked to call the police. clouds in the area tonight and we may have to get used to it. we have a look at what's headed our way beginning tomorrow. >> that's right, it's going to be a small umbrella we'll need the next couple days. take a look at storm team 4 radar. it's dry across the area right now. i'm expecting a dry, quiet radar for tomorrow morning. but it gets increasingly wet throughout the day tomorrow. now the latest guidance shows friday is still a wet one, but for the weekend now, we're trending not quite as wet and i'll show you when some of us might even have a few hours of sunshine coming our way this weekend. that's all in a couple minutes. >> thanks, verona ka. there's new information tonight about an effort to stop the ebola outbreak. chris lawrence now with the close connection to our area. >> yes, researchers have started the first trial of an ebola
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vaccine in africa, it's run by the university of maryland. the vacceen itself was developed at the national institute of health. the trial kicked off in mali where researchers vaccinated three health care workers. it will tell researchers whether the vaccine is safe is stimulates the immune system. meanwhile a sheriff's deputy quarantined in texas does not have ebola. he went into an ebola patient's apartment in dallas with no protective clothing. that patient died. the sergeant complained of ebola-like symptoms. doctors say a blood test was negative for the virus. and a small fleet of six american planes arrived in liberia thursday, carrying about a hundred us marines and supplies. all of the marines had their temperatures taken right on the tarmac. that number now brings to more than 300, the number of american troops now on the ground in liberia, but several west african leaders say even more help is needed and some
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countries are not responding quickly enough. just today the head of the cdc said the world has a lot of work to do to prevent ebola from becoming the next aids epidemic. >> chris lawrence, thank you. doctors in our area say they're not waiting for a possible outbreak here before taking necessary precautions. we were there today as inofa fairfax hospital held a drill. doctors, nurses, and county medics all discussed how to transfer a potential patient. they take the drills so seriously they use undercover patients. so none of the patients actually knows it's a drill and take every precautionary step along the way. >> each time we do a drill, we learn more and more. and find even more opportunities to make our system better. >> the hospital also has an ebola cart on stand by with all the supplies needed to treat a patient without contracting the disease. >> tonight, the news 4 i-team and many others waiting for test
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results from a cemetery hundreds of miles away. the fbi is looking into a tip that the john doe buried in a small alabama town, could be william bradford bishop. earlier this year, bishop was placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list, for killing his mother, wife, and their three children back in 1976. he's not been seen since then. the person inside the coffin was hit and killed by a car in 1981. it should take a few weeks before the dna results are returned. it's been more than seven months now since 8-year-old relisha rudd disappeared from the d.c. general homeless shelter. her suspected kidnapper who worked at the shelter as a janitor killed himself before she was found. since then the shelter and the non-profit organization that runs it, have been heavily criticized. as shomari stone reports, there
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are new complaints tonight. >> reporter: tonight the community partnership for the prevention of homelessness had its 25th anniversary gala with wine, salmon, desserts, salad, entertainment, and much more. this non-profit organization, also known as tcp, runs the d.c. general homeless shelter. 8-year-old relisha rudd was last seen at the shelter with a janitor before going missing seven months ago. some of tonight's invitees called news 4 and questioned why the organization is having a celebration given the criticism it received after relisha rudd's disappearance. we talked to a guest outside. >> was there any mention of relisha rudd in there? >> no. >> we asked how much this gala costs and we tried asking her about relisha, but she refused to talk and asked us to leave.
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>> they certainly have still unanswered questions relating to their involvement in this matter. >> many of the folks who live here told me they don't want to say anything negative about this place on camera, because they're concerned they could be asked to leave. we talked to one woman and here's what he has to say about tonight's gala. >> it makes me angry to hear they're celebrating. >> she has one question about tonight's party. >> why are you celebrating when a girl is missing from here? >> one thing is clear, relisha rudd is still missing and people tell me her memory will never be forgotten. i'm shomari stone, news 4. threats of a lawsuit against d.c. police after a former officer pleaded guilty to running a child prostitution ring. a judge sentenced lynnwood barnhill to seven years in prison. he confessed videotaping himself having sex with a 17-year-old girl and will acted as a pimp for two other girls.
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a lawyer for one victim may sue because she's living in fear, refusing to testify in the case. >> a sobering report from metro. the agency says the number of people riding the rails is on the decline, and that it has been for about two years. metro blames a downturn in local jobs. it also says growing bus and bicycle services have taken riders away. >> airport officials say they want to raise fees at reagan national airport because it's just too popular. the metropolitan authority wants to raise passenger fees by $4, to $8.50. congress has relaxed federal rules restricting flights at reagan drawing in more passengers there, straining the small airport while dulles is seeing a decline in domestic travelers. officials hope the fees will drive more passengers to dulles. >> next at 11, live tweeting, a
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stand-off. >> he gave the address. how could i not come by? >> what brought the s.w.a.t. team to the home of a mixed marshall fighter? a lawsuit over alleged police brutality. tonight we'll tell you how this man's lawyer says the cops are retaliating. and where your drive could get
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sisters from 1986 to 1991. she died today after battling a serious illness. hooks worked alongside chris farley, mike myers, dana carvey and chris rock. she was 57 years old. >> new at 11 tonight, a new twist in the case of a man suing an indiana police department for brutality. his son recorded this video of jones being taseered by the police. tonight jones' lawyer says the police are retaliating by issuing a warrant for his arrest on a seven-year-old misdemeanor marijuana charge. the lawyer says jones didn't know about the charge, but he will cooperate. jones was tasered when he and his girlfriend refused to get out of the car during a stop because of an unbuckled seat belt last month. they said they did not feel safe. the hammond police department said the officers there acted within guidelines. a bizarre stand-off in
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southern california just came to an end. it involved a s.w.a.t. team and a mixed martial arts fighter who calls himself mayhem. he live tweeted the whole thing. and as mckayla medina reports, it's not the man's first run-in with the law. >> with his head tilted up and bare-chested, the mma fire known as mayhem created quite a bit of mayhem on his quiet street. that's the sound that led to his surrendering this afternoon. it started when deputies attempted to serve a bench warrant and the situation escalated into a s.w.a.t. call. >> we set up a perimeter around the house and we have attempted to make contact with mr. miller mp. >> friends of the 33-year-old arrived at the scene after miller took to twitter, saying, i need to tell everyone about the absolute waste of resources outside my house. they have threatened me with a dog bite. he tweeted out for followers to
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come to watch. >> it's very voyeuristic, he gave the address, how could i not come by? >> he was arrested on burglary charges after allegedly breaking into and vandalizing a church. authorities found him in the church naked. two years later he's refusing to come out of his home. deputies even using twitter to try to communicate with him. in this day and age and the day of social media, just another method of communication. >> jason mayhem miller had several outstanding warrants, including one for domestic violence and another for stalking. a 29 mile stretch of toll lanes could open as early as december. they were scheduled to open early next year, but construction is ahead of schedule. the lanes run -- it's in virginia, by the way, from edcell road on 395 to stratford
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county. drivers can use them and pay a toll based on congestion, or they can use the lanes for free in a carpool of three or more. >> nice blue skies in those object approxima from today. that's about to change. >> big time. one thing, i said that the guidance was looking better. some of the latest stuff coming in. one thing that's not going to change are the clouds. we're going to stick that in the forecast for saturday and sunday, keep it around with just some occasional showers, which you'll see and i'll detail the time of that in just a moment. first thing tomorrow morning, the pavement looking dry. temperatures in the low 60s. for the afternoon, also stay cool, roads looking wet. fog will start developing that will go right into saturday morning. not so good for the afternoon/evening commute.
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you can see what we're dry across the area. showers have faded fast and we have quiet times around i-81. that's the location tomorrow that some of our first showers will start showing up in the afternoon, after about 2:00 or so. let's go straight to future weather. early tomorrow morning, again, overcast. into 2, 3, 4:00 tomorrow, to haguerstown, showers will start moving in. nothing too heavy at first, but as it gets later, a few locations with moderate and heavier rains. 9:00 p.m., there we are, baltimore game, taking on the royals, the o's, there could be a delay or a rain-out. saturday 5:00 a.m., rain starts moving out. so i think we could get a break, maybe some sunshine with the system further south for saturday afternoon, evening and much of sunday right now, until the rain starts moving back in
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very, very late sunday. so high temperatures tomorrow anywhere from 61 degrees to the north frederick, to close to 70 in fredericksburg, 68 degrees around pax river. any showers, best chance after 2:00 tomorrow. but again, you want to be ready. pack the umbrella. here we are with a look at your forecast. we're going to stay in the 60s in the weekend. i don't think we'll tap out over the 70-degree mark until we hit monday right now. and as far as tuesday goes, it's looking like the warmest day out of the workweek. right now wednesday we could get strong trhunderstorms, see high winds. that means the possibility of isolated power outages. right now, your wettest period will be friday night into saturday morning. again, the weekend upcoming, looking like it could be very salvageable, with a lot of clouds around.
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>> salvageable, all right, thanks. >> that's called spin. coming up, a
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. a whole lot of people who saw the cubs tonight hope they'll be able to see them deep into may. >> yes. >> that would be nice. >> the potential is there, the leadership is in place, and the caps season is finally here. unfortunately tonight they couldn't get the win for their new coach here at home.
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the caps also celebrating their 40th anniversary. some legends participating in the ceremonial puck drop. good start for the team. canadiens turnover, caps taking full advantage. rookie burk osky with his first nhl goal. caps up 1-0. third period, habs on the attack. a third goal of the season there. game tied at one. later third period. more pressure in montreal. long pass to bourque who fires up the shot and it appears to go in, but if you take a look t hits the post and comes right back out. no goal. then a shoot-out we go. now tied at two in the shoot-out. needing a stop from gallagher. can't get that one. caps battle hard, but the habs get the win, 2-1 in the shoot-out. caps fall.
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new coach barry trotz laments a missed opportunity. >> you had them on the floor and you couldn't knock them out. give them credit, they were resilient, the canadiens, and as i say, they sort of crawled their way back into the game. and full marks to them. it's just that we dominated so much in the first period. i think they woke up a little bit. obviously some things we could have done better to give ourselves a better chance to win a hockey game, got to work on it. >> we talk about a fresh start here. caps led the nhl regular season in shootouts. and here they are again, game one in a shoot-out. >> but this one doesn't turn out so well. >> the caps will play the bruins next on saturday. to the diamond now, game one of alcs starts up tomorrow at camden yards. as the o's took batting practice today, there was a familiar face back on the field.
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that first baseman chris davis talking to buck showalter and taking a few swings. davis is not eligible to come off suspension until at least game 6. meanwhile, the rest of the team focused on the present, and they are happy to be playing in front of the home crowd. >> it's great, man. we got awesome fans and they deserve it more than anybody. you know, we're going to do our best to get to where we want to go and where the fans want us to go. been a big part of it, they're along for the ride and we're going to do our best. >> any time you have a chance to be in the playoffs, it's awesome. right now, it's just four teams and it's a privately -- privilege to be part of it. >> first pitch tomorrow at 8:07. i just feel all this is so
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lackluster. all that fighting and debating last night. >> you want to start a new fight? >> i don't. >> hold on, i got to clean some stuff up. all you people getting over me for disrespecting her, when i talked about i'd rather here from her about football. what i meant was, when you talking about the mood in the locker room and i said, i'd rather hear from them. what i meant was, as it regards what football players feel and think, let me here that from somebody who's been smacked in the mouth. i got nothing but props for her because she's a d-1
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that's our broadcast. if i'm not mistaken, "the tonight show" is coming up next. >> you're not mistaken. we'll see you tomorrow.
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors.
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they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonighshow starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, steve carell, julianne hough,


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